Jessica Clifton, PhD
Psychologist & Research Consultant

  We provide individualized psychotherapy, health care wellness coaching, and research consulting services.  
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Individualized Therapy

We provide virtual psychological services for patients living in California or Vermont. Many of the strategies provided come from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mind/Body Therapies, Cognitive Processing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We believe in taking an active role as a therapist, providing a non-judgmental safe space and gentle inquiry to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help patients feel better and reach their goals.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Women's Health
Healthcare Burnout
Challenges with life transitions (college, career, retirement)
Trauma-related symptoms
Fertility journeys

We welcome adults of all ages, abilities, genders, orientations, ethnicities, and spiritual beliefs to reach out for care.

Psychotherapy is individual and personal. Services are often billed by the hour. The hourly fee is $200. Appointments (appts) can range from few to many depending on needs and goals.

  • assessments and/or consultations (1-3 appts);
  • solution-focused for time-sensitive concerns (6-12 appts);
  • structured goal-directed practices with at-home exercises (12-24 appts)
  • validating supportive therapy (varies in time)

    We are not in network with any insurance agencies and do not accept insurance.

    If you have a health insurance policy or employee assistance benefits (ie, FSA, HSA, HRA), it will usually provide some coverage/reimbursement for Telepsychology appointments (sometimes video-only is reimbursed, not audio). I will fill out forms and provide you with reasonable assistance I can in helping you receive the benfits to which you are entitled; however, you (not your insurance company/employee assitance program) are responsible for full payment. Based on this, it is very important that you find out exactly what mental health services will be reimbursed.

    Coaching & Facilitation For Practices and Providers
    From years working in health care and collaborating with health care professionals, we are passionate about supporting those at the front lines of our communities health needs. As such, we are devoted to working closely with health care professionals to support patient care; invested in research to better understand how to improve health care systems and reduce burnout and strain; lending one-on-one or group coaching to health care professionals to validate, support, empower, and provide tools to reawaken resiliency, heal, and help align values to actions; and give expert, non judgemental support, and guidance on navigating complex quality improvement redesign processes in health care systems to enhance the provider and patient experience. From this experience, we have developed services to better serve our health care professional community. Reach out for a consultation to determine next steps.

    Services Estimated Time
    Professional consultations regarding patient care 1-2 30 min appts
    1 to 1 health care professional wellness coaching 1-6 60-min appts
    Health care group/team based wellness coaching 6-12 60-min appts
    Quality improvement redesign coaching varies
    Trainings & workshops (eg, specific mental health topics, collaborating with patient partners, wellness workshops) tailored based on goals/audience

    Research Consultation

    As a clinical investigator, I provide mental health expertise, grant writing services, tailored mental health intervention or educational design and training, measurement development and testing, operational support, quality improvement and program evaluation, group facilitation, clinical team coaching, quantitative analyses, and scientific writing and editing. Consulting rates vary depending on need. Request an appointment to find out more or reach out via email at

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    Consumer Notice: [CA] The California Department of Consumer Affairs receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. If you have any questions or complaints, you may contact this department by calling 800-633-2322 or (916) 574-7720, or by writing to the following address: Board of Psychology, 1625 North market Street, Suite N-215, Sacramento, CA 95834. [VT] A copy of Vermont rules of conduct including how to file a complaint may be obtained from the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation.