Jessica Clifton, PhD
Psychologist & Research Consultant

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We can help you navigate changes and challenges in your life. Our licensed psychologist provides support to help you thrive. We specialize in women's physical and emotional health throughout the lifespan.

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  Parhelia [Par-hee-lee-uh] - A bright spot in the sky appearing on either side of the sun, formed by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals high in the earth's atmosphere.

Everyone has feelings of emotional ups and downs at some point in their life. Therapy can be helpful when these feelings are too much, too often, or hurt the things and people we value most. Parhelia Wellness provides a safe supportive space combined with strategies shown to help individuals feel better and reach their goals. We specialize in women's physical and emotional health throughout the lifespan, from starting school, entering the workforce, occupational burnout, reproductive health, parenthood, retirement & next steps. See our services page for more details.

You are the expert of you. As such, collaboration and trust are key parts to helping you guide treatment to suit your needs and meet your goals.

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For those in immediate danger call 911 or visit your local emergency room. If you or someone you know is in need of support now, call 988 for free and confidential support. For those experiencing extreme distress (psychosis or thinking of harming self or others) and/or substance abuse local treatment may be more beneficial. See SAMHSA’s online treatment locator:

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Consumer Notice: [CA] The California Department of Consumer Affairs receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. If you have any questions or complaints, you may contact this department by calling 800-633-2322 or (916) 574-7720, or by writing to the following address: Board of Psychology, 1625 North market Street, Suite N-215, Sacramento, CA 95834. [VT] A copy of Vermont rules of conduct including how to file a complaint may be obtained from the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation .